Transmitter Control Module


The SS10 is designed to work with most vehicles that are equipped with non-mechanical transmission sensors (no speedometer cable). This interface amplifies and conditions the pulses emitted from your vehicle’s speed sensor and supplies the signal to the Nitestar NS-50 / 60 display unit to accurately compute traveled distances.

The SS10 is an intelligent design. Sensitivity level, division factor, and diagnostics are controlled by six momentary push buttons. Two, seven segment LEDs display the sensitivity and divisor settings. When power is initially applied to the SS10, the factory default settings are displayed for 5 seconds. When the LEDs are on, the SS10 is in “Adjust Mode” and the user can change the default settings and execute diagnostics. The SS10 will stay in Adjust Mode until the user has not pressed a push button for 5 seconds. The LEDs will then be turned off and 2 seconds later, the SS10 will enter “Run Mode”. Run Mode is the normal mode for operation. When you need to make an adjustment or execute diagnostics, press and release any push button (SW1-SW6). The SS10 will enter Adjust Mode and the LEDs will display the current settings.

SS-10 Vehicle Wiring

Select the year, make, model, and engine of your vehicle to display the wire colors and locations.If your vehicle is not listed at first, try another make (for example Dodge instead of Chrysler). If your vehicle isn’t listed, or you need more information, please contact:

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Sensor installation is covered in detail by the MH Corbin SS-10 Electronic Interface Installation Guide

Engine (L)

DISCLAIMER: MH Corbin SS-10 electronic interface adapters are sold with the understanding that they will be installed by a professional installer who has the required expertise and supporting documentation such as Mitchell or Motor electrical service manuals or equivalent. Any documentation or information provided by M H Corbin is a general guideline for reference and is supplied without warranty or liability of any kind. Since the conditions or methods of installation, operation, use and maintenance of this equipment are beyond its’ control, M H Corbin does not assume responsibility and expressly disclaims liability for loss, damage, or expense of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with any installation, operation, or maintenance of this sensor. The user who attempts to install the electronic interface adapter assumes all responsibility for problems caused by incorrect or improper installation.

Vehicle Wiring Instructions

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