M. H. Corbin llc. Platinum Help



Main View Window

The Platinum Client application is made up of several different views by which status indications are displayed and actions are taken.

Each of these views, or Windows, can be moved, resized or Docked to any side of the Main Window. Each of the following Panes show different information about the Platinum Client, the Media Library, or HAR systems:

Node Tree The Node Tree is a tree control of all the Devices in a system. In a multi-node system, the top Node in the Node Tree is the top level Node that the Platinum Client system can operate. In multi-node systems, it is possible to set up Nodes in a Parent/Child configuration where each child node cannot operate the other Child Node Devices, but that the Parent Node can Operate all Devices of Child Nodes. For more information on Nodes and the Node Tree, refer to the Node Tree Window Help Section.
Map Window The Map Window shows the selected Map and Device Icons for the selected Node. For more information on the Map Window, refer to the Map Window Help Section.
Properties Window The Properties Window is a table of information about the currently selected Device. When a Device is selected in the Map Window the Properties List fills with information. The Platinum Client can be set to poll Devices at regular intervals to refresh the Properties List. For more information on the Properties List, refer to the Properties List Window Help Section.
Media Window The Media Window displays the Media currently playing on the selected Device. When a Device is selected in the Map Window the Device-Media List is populated. For more information on the Device-Media List, refer to the Device-Media List Help Section.
Schedule Window The Schedule Window displays all appointments for the Time Range Specified. For more information concerning Time Ranges, Appointments, and the Schedule Window, refer to the Schedule Window Help Section.
Library Window The Library contains all recorded, imported, or Text To Speech messages. These messages can be organized into Playlists to make downloading more efficient. For more information on the Media Library Window, refer to the Media Library Window or the Working With The Media Library Help Sections.
Log Window The Log Window displays the Platinum Client Log file. For more information concerning the Log View Window, refer to the Log View Window Help Section.
Chat Window The Chat Window displays server messages from other users logged into the Platinum Server system. Users can notify one another via the Chat function about changes to the HAR system, or the Platinum Client Software. Adminstrators can also send Chat messages to all users at once. For more information regarding the Chat Window, refer to the Chat Window Help Secction.
Status Bar The Status Bar is the only window that cannot be docked. The Status bar gives the Operator information regarding the completeing of tasks within the Platinum Client environment. For more information regarding the Status Bar Window, refer to the Status Bar Window Help Section.


Each of the views explained above (except the Status Bar) may be rearranged, docked, hidden, or shown based on the user's preference. Window docking is manipulated through the title bar of each window. To change the docking of a view panel, click the title bar of the panel (the blue part of the image shown below) and drag the Pane to the desired location. The Return to Default Docking menu item under the View menu of the Main Window will return the application to a default state.

File The title indicates the type of application window and the name of the active view.
Maximize Click this button to fill the window zone with the current view. This becomes a "Restore" button when maximized.
Pin The Pin button shrinks the window to a tab docked on the edge of the application window. Once pinned, a window can be seen by mousing over it, or returned to a docked state when clicked on. This is useful for less-used application windows.
Close The Close button removes this window from the application window. Closed windows can be reopened by selecting the desired window from the View menu of the Main Window.


The Platinum Client Menu bar can be found directly above the Node Tree Window. The Menu bar contains the following options:

File The File Menu allows the user to Connect or Disconnect a Platinum Server. The File menu also allows users to customize settings such as the path to a Media Player for previewing items in the Media Library.
View The View menu allows the user to Show or Hide any window, or return all windows to their default docking locations.
Help The Help Menu gives users context sensitive guidance with certain tasks in the Platinum Client.
Object This is a context sensitive menu that allows the user to manipulate the various objects in the user interface. This provides the same functionality as right-clicking an object and specifically provides keyboard shortcuts.