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Gathers, analyzes and distributes ROAD conditions in real-time


The IntelliZone System from MH Corbin is an advanced ITS software platform that allows you to manage and deliver real-time messages to motorists, well in advance of weather-related concerns or traffic congestion. Providing motorists with accurate, timely information they can trust is challenging, but the IntelliZone delivers with customized systems to meet your needs.

With each application, the IntelliZone System gathers sensor information and automatically updates dynamic message signs and Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) messages to reflect conditions ahead

  • Map feature displays all devices graphically
  • Modular, scalable, flexible architecture can be easily modified to meet your project requirements
  • Can be used with existing road/traffic sensors and message signs
  • User defined thresholds trigger emails, messages, and events which update motorists
  • Compatible with MH Corbin Platinum Software

Works in Real-Time

Gathers, analyzes, and delivers data from road, traffic and atmospheric sensors.

Boosts Existing ITS Network

User defines the thresholds that trigger email, sms, and/or entire network of message signs.


Scalable for small or large multi-server systems


Alerts motorists to:

  • Draw bridge, tunnel, or rail crossing closure
  • High winds
  • Icy or flooded roadways
  • Low visibility due to fog
  • Low visibility due to snow
  • Slow or stopped traffic
  • Over-height vehicles
  • Smart work zones

Alerts TMC operators to:

  • Road treatment effectiveness
  • Traffic and speed conditions
  • Evacuation route alternatives
  • Ramp closures
The IntelliZone AdvanceWarn System incorporates traffic monitoring sensors, weather sensors, and pavement condition sensors, to update motorists using Highway Advisory Radios (HARs) and portable message signs. The result is a completely integrated advanced warning system that monitors current conditions and informs motorists of hazardous weather and traffic problems.

The AdvanceWarn system collects data from the traffic sensors, pavement sensors and atmospheric weather sensors. The system analyzes real-time data and, when conditions warrant, updates messages on the HARs and portable message signs along the roadway. These updates are in real time, to provide time critical hazardous weather and traffic conditions to motorists.

The IntelliZone Dynamic Detour Alert System is designed to inform motorists when they should use an alternate route, providing information about expected delays and travel times. This system utilizes traffic sensors, dynamic message signs, HARs and flashing beacon systems.

The system retrieves data from traffic sensors, calculates the travel time delay, and updates the dynamic message signs, HARs, and flashing beacons to reflect the current conditions. If the travel delay exceeds a user-defined limit, motorists traveling in either direction are informed of the delay and detour information is provided.

The IntelliZone Active Warning System (AWS) incorporates data from a non-invasive pavement sensor to activate flashing LED border signs. The IntelliZone AWS monitors the data outputs from the Lufft NIRS31 non-invasive pavement sensor every 60 seconds and when conditions warrant automatically updates the flashing LED border signs. The result is a completely integrated active warning system that monitors current roadway friction conditions and informs motorists via flashing LED border signs of hazardous surface conditions.
The IntelliZone Bridge Deck Warning System (BDWS) incorporates a combination of atmospheric RWIS data and pavement sensor data to activate flashing beacons and/or flashing LED border signs. The IntelliZone BDWS analyzes multiple data inputs including air temperature, dew point temperature, bridge deck temperature, freezing point, surface status, precipitation type/rate and surface friction to determine whether to activate the flashing beacons and/or flashing LED border signs.

The result is a completely integrated bridge deck warning system that monitors current atmospheric and roadway conditions and informs motorists via
flashing LED border signs of hazardous travel conditions.

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Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438

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