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SolarMax | Highway advisory Radio for Work Zones


The SolarMax Portable HAR System keeps traffic flowing by broadcasting up-to-the-minute radio advisories to motorists. The flexibility of the SolarMax System allows for quick 10 minute or less set-ups. Solar charged power offers dependable service around the clock and during extended periods of inclement weather.

The SolarMax System utilizes low power AM radio to inform motorists of conditions ahead, giving them enough time to take action or alternate routes. The SolarMax System can be used to assist in managing a construction site, a temporary incident, an inclement weather evacuation, or a frequently congested traffic area.

Messages can be changed quickly and remotely should conditions vary, and when the job is finished, the SolarMax System can be ready for duty on the next upcoming project.

Utilizes AM Radio

Standard in almost all vehicles

Synchronized Broadcasts

Can be used stand-alone or with a network of permanent and portable HAR systems

Mobile Command

Can broadcast messages to motorists in a five mile radius


The SolarMax has the ability to save messages for years with no external power source. That means no fuel, no landline utilities, no noise, no maintenance and no lost messages. Even in outdoor storage, the SolarMax is charging the batteries so you can be set up and on the air in minutes.

  • Simple and quick to assemble, deploy and disassemble
  • Broadcasts messages to motorists in a 3 to 5 mile radius
  • Robust design, including built-in lightning suppression
  • Meets all FCC rules and regulations
  • Weather-resistant and theft deterrent enclosures
  • Portable ground system
  • On-board digital recorder preserves audio messages with no external power source
  • 520 watt solar
  • 720 AMP battery
  • Provides 10 days continuous use during inclimate weather
  • Local handset
  • Remote control from any touch tone phone
  • Network control via digital modem
  • 80 minute recording time
  • 3-5 mile radius (6-10 km)
  • 10 watt transmitter
    Approved FCC part 90.242
  • Adjustable power output
  • Receives GPS input for synchronization
  • Dual antennas and transmitters
  • Typically licenses statewide for 2 frequencies
  • Easily switchable to alternate frequency
  • Trailer Weight
  • 635 to 726 kilograms (1400 to 1600 lbs)
  • Dimensions Including Tongue
  • 1.8 x 4.3 meters (6 x 14 feet)
  • Enclosure
  • NEMA 3R weatherproof enclosure
  • Operating Temperature
  • -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +180°F)

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Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) systems from MH Corbin utilize AM, FM and CB radio frequencies to broadcast messages to motorists. Informing drivers before they encounter delays and add to traffic problems is important for maintaining a safe driving environment. Since AM radio is a standard feature in nearly all vehicles, using MH Corbin HAR is one of the most practical ways to get the message out to everyone.

  • CAM-1
    Comm & Audio
  • TCM-1
    Transmitter C...
  • DRWX1
    Weather Recei...
  • GPS1
  • DRTXM4
    Audio Transmi...
  • DCC3
    Remote Contro...
    Power Supply
  • DR1500AM
    Recorder / Pl...
  • BMX-1
    HAR Station

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Message recording, editing, review, scheduling and synchronizing are quick and easy through the intuitive graphical user interface that features map displays for each HAR system in your network. Manage and store a library of messages for quick release to the public, including the capability to execute commands for your entire HAR network in just a few simple steps.Platinum can manage other transportation communication devices such as flashing beacons and variable messages signs (VMS). The software also has the ability to monitor set parameters and alert an administrator or user through email. The software system consists of a central server that manages and stores all information about the devices, and a client software that allows a user to manipulate and control the central server.

Platinum Software

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Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438 dino.caruso@gmail.com http://www.automatedtrafficdata.com
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438 dino.caruso@gmail.com http://www.automatedtrafficdata.com
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438 dino.caruso@gmail.com http://www.automatedtrafficdata.com
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438 dino.caruso@gmail.com http://www.automatedtrafficdata.com
Automated Traffic Data Dino Caruso 905-331-2438 dino.caruso@gmail.com http://www.automatedtrafficdata.com

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