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Impact Attenuation

M. H. Corbin is proud to distribute the most advanced equipment providing safety and protection along highways, work zones and intersections manufactured by Trinity Highway Products and Energy Absorption Systems Inc.

Our Manufacturers:

Quad Guard


The system features revolu-tionary space-frame diaphragms that allow it to provide high-speed impact protection for a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to high-center-of-gravity pickup trucks.

Quad Guard II


QUADGUARD® II CRASH CUSHION family has evolved again! Using the existing framework of the QuadGuard, the QuadGuard II provides TL-2 and TL-3 protection using less length.

Quad Guard Elite


The QuadGuard Elite System offers the added value of reusable cylinders for applications with above average impact frequency. The system meets NCHRP 350, Test Levels 2 and 3 as a redirective, nongating crash cushion.



System array breaks up during impact, and momentum transfer slows the vehicle.



The QUEST System is a simple redirective, non-gating crash cushion that has been completely tested and has successfully passed the entire NCHRP 350 test matrix at test levels two and three.



Non-gating, redirective impact attenuator, Performs effectively with design speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph)

Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA)


The SST TMA is an innovative new concept that is changing how TMAs are used around the world. Speedy attachment mechanisms and heavy duty axle/wheels instead of typical TMA mounting hardware make the SST TMA the best value available today.

Barrier Gate


The BarrierGate is a crashworthy, automated gate for barrier openings that allows you to restrict unauthorized access, eliminate dangerous barrier ends, and save lives.

Trailer TMA Mounted Attenuator


With a Trailer TMA Truck Mounted Attenuator you can safely and affordably provide TMA protection to more of your fleet, including specialty vehicles. Installation and removal of the Trailer TMA takes only minutes.

Vulcan Barrier System


The Vulcan Barrier from Energy Absorption Systems is a portable steel longitudinal barrier that meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 test requirements as a longitudinal redirecting barrier.



Trinity Highway Products manufactures the TRACC™ Family with galvanized, all-steel construction that reduce concern of product deterioration from the sun’s ultra-violet rays and extends service life with minimal maintenance by end users. Interchangeable components facilitate swift and inexpensive repairs for state and federal departments of transportation.

MPS 350


The MPS-350™ (Mobile Protection System 350) is for use on stationary or moving shadow or support vehicles and is the first truck-mounted attenuator to pass NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3. It has an open design and all-steel construction of functional components. The MPS-350™ design is a new concept that eliminates crushable cartridges.