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Highway Advisory Radio with Road Weather Information (HARWIS™)


The HARWIS from MH Corbin adds a new level of flexibility to Highway Advisory Radio Systems. Available as a complete system or as an upgrade to existing systems, the HARWIS can detect weather conditions using pavement, atmospheric, and visibility sensors.

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Highway Advisory Radio

har2Our Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) system utilizes AM or FM radio frequencies to broadcast messages to motorists. Informing drivers before they encounter delays and add to traffic problems is important for maintaining a safe driving environment. Since AM radio is a standard feature in nearly all vehicles, using M.H. Corbin HAR is one of the most practical ways to get the message out to everyone.

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Platinum Software

har2M. H. Corbin Platinum is a software system that allows for remote data management, communication and viewing of transportation communication equipment. The software allows for full control of Highway Advisory Radios (HARs) by monitoring, creating and changing broadcast messages of each HAR connected to the software.

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har2MH Corbin’s IntelliZone System is an advanced ITS software platform that allows you to manage and deliver real-time messages to motorists, well in advance of weather-related concerns or traffic congestion. Providing motorists with accurate, timely information they can trust is challenging, but the IntelliZone delivers with customized systems to meet your needs.

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NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer with Bluetooth Technology

nc-350-product-thumb-oneThe NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer with Bluetooth
Technology is designed to be placed directly in the traffic lane to provide accurate measurements of vehicle count, speed, and length for almost any traffic study. Now with state-of-the art Bluetooth Technology, data can be retrieved wirelessly from up to 30 feet.

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HDM Software

har2MH Corbin’s Highway Data Management (HDM) software allows users to program, download, and query a variety of portable traffic classification units, including the NC90, NC97, NC100, NC200, and NC300 devices. Using HDM, traffic studies can be programmed, retrieved, combined, and re-binned per user preferences, and analyzed with a full range of supplied reports

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Distance Measurement

dmiOur Nu-Metrics NiteStar Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) is designed to accurately record distances and survey coordinates as you drive. The NiteStar DMI has endless uses when vehicle-obtained distances are needed.

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Flashing Beacons

HAR Beacon
Our Flashing Beacon Systems are used on major interstates by departments of transportation, at airports, amusement parks, military bases, even in construction areas. Motorists can tune to their radio several minutes before reaching an incident, make decisions about their route and prepare for adverse conditions ahead.

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M.H. Corbin Soundwall is the highest quality reinforced fiberglass reflective sound barrier on the market. Manufactured using the most advanced pultrustion dies, it has been designed with strength, noise reduction, and aesthetics in mind.

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VX Pavement Sensor

M. H. Corbin’s VX21 Wireless Pavement Sensor is a fully sealed and potted device used to measure the true road surface and sub-grade temperatures. Using a simple conductivity reading, the sensor also reports the presence of any moisture on the roadway. By monitoring the varying conductivity levels of the moisture, the sensor will report if there is any presence of anti-icing chemicals.

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