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Highway Advisory Radio

Our Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) system utilizes AM or FM radio frequencies to broadcast messages to motorists. Informing drivers before they encounter delays and add to traffic problems is important for maintaining a safe driving environment. Since AM radio is a standard feature in nearly all vehicles, using M.H. Corbin HAR is one of the most practical ways to get the message out to everyone.

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Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) systems, also known as Travelers’ Information Stations (TIS), are low powered AM radio stations licensed to governmental agencies to broadcast messages to travelers or residents through the use of their AM Radio:

  • Emergency Evacuation Information
  • Amber Alert
  • Terrorism Security and Threat Alerts
  • Gate Closures / Security Checkpoints
  • Incident Management
  • Work Zones
  • Traffic Advisory / Alternate Routes
  • Weather Information and Alerts


  • Battery backup for operation during extended power outages
  • GPS synchronized systems that broadcast a single message simultaneously throughout an area
  • Solar Max™ is the only mobile solar-powered HAR on the market
  • Class D HAR transmitter is the most efficient available

Software Control

M. H. Corbin Platinum is a software system that allows for remote data management, communication and viewing of transportation communication equipment. The software allows for full control of Highway Advisory Radios (HARs) by monitoring, creating and changing broadcast messages of each HAR connected to the software.

Message recording, editing, review, scheduling and synchronizing are quick and easy through the intuitive graphical user interface that features map displays for each HAR system in your network. Manage and store a library of messages for quick release to the public, including the capability to execute commands for your entire HAR network in just a few simple steps.

See the Platinum Software page for more details.

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