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All-in-one transportation management alert system

A roadside controller with numerous communications options and multiple sensor inputs.

The Connect:ITS Advanced Traffic Management System is engineered to be a simple to use, scalable and low power roadside information system. Using data from both M.H. Corbin and popular third party sensors, algorithms compute changing traffic and weather conditions in real-time.

Data is then analyzed and distributed to your existing messaging network of HAR systems, dynamic message signs and flashing beacon systems. Additional outputs can also be used to send data to in-vehicle warning systems via DSRC based systems.

Future Tech Compatible

Inputs and Outputs conform to state-of-the-art protocols.

Roadside Real-Time Computing

Ultra durable roadside mounted controller computes logic in
hyper-local environments.

Multiple Alert Options

Drivers are informed of hazards using any combination of infrastructure and in-vehicle alert systems.

HOw It Works

The Connect:ITS ATMS controlelr uses IF/THEN scenarios to analyze incoming data from weather, pavement, speed and other sensors. Commands based on sensor input are then sent to DMS, HAR, beacons, variable speed limit signs and DSRC systems.

Sensor Input Options

  • Non-Invasive Pavement Sensors
  • Radar Sensors
  • Visibility Sensors
  • Pavement Sensors
  • Weather Sensors

Alert Destination Options

  • Highway Advisory Radio
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • Email / Text Alerts / SNMP Trap
  • Flashing Beacon Systems
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • DSRC Based Systems
  • Digital Output

Multiple ▰ ▰ ▰


The CONNECT: ITS System is compatible with most legacy, existing, and future sensor systems including radar and speed, pavement condition, and temperature sensors, RWIS sensors, and DSRC devices.

  • LED Display
  • Display Output button
  • Cellular, GPS, Pavement
  • Sensor and DSRC
  • Connections
  • RS-232 Serial inputs for legacy sensors
  • Ethernet switch
  • Multiuse USB ports
  • RS-485 Sensor Inputs
  • General Purpose Inputs, Outputs, Relays, and Status LEDs.

Roadside ATMS ▰ ▰ ▰


A CONNECT: ITS System can be scaled to operate as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing ATMS network. The CONNECT: ITS is the comprehensive solution to gathering, analyzing, and communicating accurate and reliable information to motorists.

The Connect: ITS System can compute thresholds for:

  • Advanced Warning
  • Weather
  • Variable Speed Limits

Advanced ▰ ▰ ▰


Message recording, editing, review, scheduling and synchronizing are quick and easy through the intuitive graphical user interface that features map displays for each HAR system in your network. Manage and store a library of messages for quick release to the public, including the capability to execute commands for your entire HAR network in just a few simple steps.Platinum can manage other transportation communication devices such as flashing beacons and variable messages signs (VMS). The software also has the ability to monitor set parameters and alert an administrator or user through email. The software system consists of a central server that manages and stores all information about the devices, and a client software that allows a user to manipulate and control the central server.

Platinum Software



“HAR can be especially beneficial during emergency situations, such as hurricane evacuations.” Survey results indicated that HAR should be continued and possibly expanded.UCF Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering FEB. 2016
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